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Break free from suffering, live a rich and fulfilling life

Life can feel like a balancing act

Do you ever find yourself imagining and worrying about unpleasant futures with anxiety, fear and foreboding? Or find yourself dwelling on or reliving events from the past? What about comparing, judging and criticizing yourself or those around you? Maybe creating rules for yourself that feel restrictive and limiting?

Stuck, not broken

You may have tried to solve these problems by getting rid of them, avoiding them, outsmarting them, or overpowering them. This is natural and problem solving is often a great tool. Except for this: it does not work in the psychological world of thoughts, feelings, memories, sensations, and urges. Unfortunately, when we try this, we often end up feeling stuck, feeling like things will never change, and feeling like we cannot do anything about it. The more we struggle, the more we miss out on meaningful activities.

Discover your path forward

You can break free from this struggle by being present, opening up to your experience and doing what matters. Live a vital life filled with meaning, fulfillment and satisfaction. Accept yourself and others, clarify what you care deeply about and live in harmony with your values.

Mental Health Counseling near Buffalo, NY

Located within 20 minutes of:

Buffalo, NY & North Buffalo, NY

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If you are feeling stuck on a detour from life, and want to get moving in a new direction, you can! Fulfillment comes from engaging in life's journey and J Higgins Counseling can help you find your way. Get started with a free consultation.

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